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"We believe plants add magic to indoor and outdoor spaces instantly by giving them a more relaxed and friendly vibe!"

Each planter made at Shibui is a result of our collective passion for art, design and inspiration from travels around the world. They are made of environment-friendly and ethical material like fiber-glass, sand, water and a lot of love.

Each planter is custom made with intrinsic detailing by local artisans in India. We are doing our bit to support our society by connecting and collaborating with extremely talented local artisans. Purchasing our planter also means that you are not only decorating your home but also empowering our craftsmen.

Let’s get back to nature! We hope you love our planter as much as we loved creating it for you!

our philosophy & culture.

We believe in fairness, equality, also that perfection lies in imperfections and they are beautiful. When we lift each other up in the different phases we go through in life, we all grow through them. Planters do not just as décor elements, but they also are soothing to the eye.

The essence of Shibui is to create an aesthetic of simple, subtle and unobtrusive design. The appreciation for understated and simplistic beauty forms the core or our brand.

Meet our founder & CEO

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo Da Vinci

Finding and exploring a market gap combined with my love for minimalistic design and a keen eye for aesthetics led to the birth of Shibui. The ideal way to fulfill my desire of giving back to society was through supporting local craftsmen in my community, by creating an artisanal product that brings to life my passion for art and nature!

- atman sandhu

our contribution

our contribution

India is filled with various kinds of talent and we at Shibui have only recognized and empowered that talent. Our craftsmen are all local artisans, and by employing them you do not add to the décor of your house, but also support them.

Our artisans are highly motivated and passionate to be able to bring the best of their capabilities with a lot of love and dedication to each planter that is custom made only for you. Our bit towards the building and uplifting society we live in is by these local artisans and craftsmen who make the ‘Shibui’ a lot like home.

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